My system of analyzing the types of sports betting is based on the “Art of War” Sun Tzu


One of the principles of Art of War is “the attack when your opponent is unprepared" can be used in searching for weak points, for example, bookmaker offers match strong team with a weak team, weakened injuries, cards, etc. with other theoretically equal team, motivated and determined - with the team without motivation, strong at home with the weak on away, etc.


"The rule of Analysis" is a method of analysis of the betting type, which is created on the basis of my experience and taken from "The Art of War" principles and consists of the following points:



Weather has a major impact on the course of the game, if it is sunny and no wind then the players have the perfect aura to the game, but if the rain, snow, wind, etc. then it is the result of a match may be different than out of the "calculation and analysis



There are teams that can win only on their own pitch at the "hot" doping fans, and also those who win on away.

And there are also those which are almost always pushes.
When examining the statistics of the team of the season we will also support the statistics from previous seasons of football in particular, if not changed much part of the team and coach


3. FORM TEAMS in the last 3 games

Number of goals scored and lost and who scored a goal (goal shooting with a normal game, an own goal or penalty kick)

At this point we are interested in shooting performance by the team goals - number of goals scored and the defensive unit, the number of goals lost.

Important information such as goals scored or been lost because the team able to put a good game and was dictated by the loss resulted from a penalty kick and a great addition to the disposal of the day such as the opposing team goalkeeper.


4.Team squad - top scorers, indispensable attacking midfielders, strong defenders, goalkeeper form

Close attention to focus on the composition of the teams playing each other and the current form of individual players.
Lack of any of the “strong point” of the team may mean losing a match


5. Statistics games between the teams in previous years

Some teams have a patent on his opponents others never win but sometimes there is a tie with their opponents.
With knowledge of the game statistics between the data from previous years teams gain a starting point from which we can begin our analysis of that type


6. Derby, match a prestigious, or the normal match

How important is the match for the team and its fans?
Every derby match (Inter - AC Milan) or prestige (Barcelona - Real Madrid) is always! played at "high speed" by the players of both teams and most of these games ends are difficult to calculate the results - these are usually draws or winning a minimum of either party.


7. New coach

Changing the coach is always the beginning for the band, this is a mobilizing factor for the players and their new coach because everyone wants to show - a coach before the authorities of his new club and the players before the new coach.


8. Last match - win or failure size.

Last 6 games of both teams (the team home at home and away team in matches away) - number of points & win in the last match away (in case of typing the team playing at home) - defeats an opponent in the previous game (usually this is a factor weakening the team, though not in each case)


9. Match with the same teams - comparison (win / lost 2 points, win / draw 1point, draw / lost 1 point)


10. Probability

The most important comparison of the series the team (winning or losing a series of games in previous seasons, for example, record victories or failures

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