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Supertoto has a very low price - 1 coupon  Supertoto 14(XXL) costs € 0.10 or 0.25 - 0.50 - Supertoto Extra


Basic Types of Supertoto:


1) Supertoto Extra - includes 10 matches and winnings are paid for 9 or 10 correct results - an accumulation of €5000 to €10.000


One row in Supertoto Extra costs € 0.50 - 0.25


If nobody gets 10 correct results on the coupon   Supertoto Extra  , the pot is split between the players with 9 and 8 correct outcomes - there is no further accumulation.


Supertoto Extra usually consists of Sunday matches or matches played in the week, as the Champions League, is also available at a few days earlier.


2) Supertoto 14 (XL or XXL) - the most popular, cheap with a huge accumulation of €25.000 to



There are 14 games on the Supertoto coupon with the numbers from 1 to 14


If you select only one result of each match (win at home or away), there is one combination.


If a player wants to secure and selects more than one result, creates a combination bet.


In a combination system, the basic cost of the ticket (0.10 €) is multiplied by the number of results selected for each match.


The cost of the coupon and any winnings are automatically converted into the currency of your account.


Correct results of at least 11 games, you win!


Supertoto usually includes Saturday football matches and is available on Monday morning.


In Supertoto if not will be scored coupon valid for 14 games or return at any level is lower than € 1, the money transferred to the pool for next week.


Coupons with rollover prize pools are called Supertoto XL or SupertotoXXL .


The size of win pays Supertoto depends on three factors:


How the results of matches predicted correctly


How big is the prize,


How many other players correctly predicted the same number of results.


Any player who reaches 11, 12, 13, 14 correct results will receive a prize

If only one player hits 14 guaranteed prize is € 50,000 (or more according to the current cumulation)



To play Supertoto you should register with below sportsbook



Personally, I mostly focus on Supertoto 14 due to the high cumulation


Winning Supertoto depends on several things - most important is the correct predicting matches - you can use the method described in the Rule of Analysis by me, another important factor is the use of appropriate "hedges" the less certain matches.


Hedges can be two-way type 1 X, X 2, or 1 2, or  1X2 which protects all three match results.

Of course, with every hedge - that our ticket is more expensive two or three times.


Game can be played a full system and then we have 100% certainty that when we 14/14 – it is  14 matches correct - but so the option can be very expensive and thus less profitable.


It is better to use reduced systems with the smaller guarantee of 13/14, 12/14 or 11/14 (although it is always a chance that it will come 14/14) but it is much cheaper.



Reduced systems for Supertoto you can create with the help of two "free" programs:


1. Copema - which can be downloaded from:

2. Totowizard - which is available here - download


Created reduced systems can be directly imported into the Unibet Supertoto coupons - they must be written out in this form:

1,2,X,1,1,X,2,2,X,X,1,1,2,1  - necessary with commas and as a txt file

Then you can import file  coming into  - own file txt



One more important information - containing bets to Supertoto 14 from Monday to Wednesday get discount of 10% - in the form of refunds rates to our account at Unibet.



On the homepage I present my picks, prediction & reduced system to Current Coupons Supertoto

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